BetConnections, one of the leading iGaming platforms in Latin America, attended BiS SiGMA to present its innovative solutions for the market. In an exclusive conversation with GMB, firm’s CEO Jesús Campos highlighted the growth throughout the region and welcomed the arrival of its partner Sprint Gaming with numerous localized products, especially Play Bichos, a roulette wheel that pays up to x1000 and with the jogo do bicho as the central theme.

GMB – What are the new products from BetConnections introduced at BiS SiGMA Americas?
Jesús Campos – It is a great pleasure to be at SiGMA this year. We are very surprised by the magnitude of the event, its quality and the worldwide reach that it has become. For BetConnections it is the third consecutive participation in this local event and every year it grows more. In the same way, we are also growing and reaching new markets and businesses.

We started our interview in Portuguese precisely because of the fact that Sprint Gaming is presenting a live casino in our language for the first time. Tell us a little more about the launch.
BetConnections is the representative and main distributor of the first live casino in Portuguese. It had already been launched in Spanish and we took advantage of the BiS SiGMA moment in Brazil to show the public that we develop products for the local market. Many of the big players bring their product packaged from Europe and Asia and present it in the local market to an audience that doesn’t understand. They are good, but we prefer to give operations and the market a plus and we launch the first Live Casino live in Portuguese.
We are introducing Pix Roulette, with multipliers of up to x1000 and Play Bichos, which has all the idiosyncrasy and Brazilian DNA. The jogo de bicho has been played for a long time in Brazil and now we have converted this lottery game into a casino game, maintaining the same structure, but in the first roulette wheel operated in Portuguese, with the animals in which the customer can win up to x1000 the value bet. The reception was incredible at this event.

In other words, are you adopting the concept of localization?
Exactly. In each market where we operate, we present products focused on that market. Markets are different and each represents an opportunity to do specific things.

Brazil is going through the regulation of sports betting and will soon deal with other gaming verticals. How do BetConnections and Sprint Gaming intend to work when regulation and legalization arrives?
Brazil has recently gone through political changes and they are very recent. I understand that it is very important to continue on the path of regulation. It is the only one that suits the country and the entire industry. We are accompanying the operators, regulators and industry so that this is consolidated.
We want to be an important player in products and services that are aimed at a regulated market so that the entire industry normalizes and allows adequate collection and perfect security for players and the entire sector chain. We have to wait a little longer for the government to have the opportunity to consolidate regulation.

And what are BetConnections plans for when that happens?
We are opening an office in Brazil, where we already have executive representatives. We have made important investments focused on the Brazilian market and that is why we are strongly committed to this market. We hope for regulation as soon as possible.

How is Play Bichos being accepted in other Latin American countries? Is it being introduced in other jurisdictions?
In fact, the jogo do bicho is eminently Brazilian and Play Bichos is in Portuguese, that is, destined for Brazil, the only country that dominates the language. Anyway, we are very happy that the market received this new title so well. All of our visitors to BiS SiGMA were impressed, especially by this proximity to the local culture. This is a great satisfaction for us.

Source: Exclusive GMB